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The Foot Soldiers of Rock and Roll

We left Sioux Falls on January 14th,1961 and drove to St.Johns, New Brunswick Canada to rehearse and start a 3 month Trans Canadian tour with Buddy Knox. We were told by the Promoter George Nellis from Moosejaw that it had never been done by an American band. Since Buddy was no longer using The Rhythm […]

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Bobby Vee

The Godfather

Bobby Vee became our first son’s godfather in 1964. His name became Bobbby V. Wachendorf. At the time, we were touring the United States with Bobby.

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Buddy Knox (A Hero To Me)

Originally appeared on Rockabilly Hall of Fame site. I, like most people my age (58) grew up as a teenager in the 50’s seeing Buddy on the Ed Sullivan and Steve Allen TV shows. I loved his records; never dreaming that not only would I meet him, but I would end up working for him […]

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Myron Lee and the Caddies Subject of New Book

By Chuck Cecil, guest Posted online: July 14, 2004 A new book has been released about South Dakota’s best known rock and roll band and its leader, who is considered the father of rock and roll music in the state. Chuck Cecil of Brookings, a retired South Dakota newsman and former owner of Prairie Publications, […]

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Taken from the KELO site. We can’t go back in time of course, but certain things will certainly trigger our senses and our memories. For many of the babyboomer generation, all that’s needed is to hear a song from the early days of rock and roll, one band in particular, and you’re there. Back in […]

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Caddies Cruised Into Dance Halls

Taken from Aberdeen News site. Myron Lee called ‘South Dakota’s father of rock ‘n’ roll music’ Taken from A new book about South Dakota’s best known rock ‘n’ roll band and its leader, who is considered the father of rock ‘n’ roll music in the state, has been released. Chuck Cecil of Brookings, a […]

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