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The Texas Teen Fair

Bobby Vee, my friend for over 50 years, hired my band (Myron Lee and the Caddies) to back him up on his tours for much of 1963-1965. We started in June of 1963 on the east coast playing all the beautiful summer resorts and then across country when later in the summer we were booked […]

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the clovis sound The Clovis Sound

Scratch One Off My Bucket List ( The Clovis Sound )

We recently returned from a trip to Texas to visit family. On the way down we made an out of the way stop to spend a day and night in Clovis, New Mexico, the home of the famous Norman Petty Recording Studio. The studio is closed for business except for prearranged tours, and our tour […]

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A Hot Night in Alabama

It was 1964 and we spent the whole summer on the road with Bobby Vee. My band members at that time were Marc Wroe on drums,Curt Powell-guitar, Joel Shapiro-sax, and Jerry Haacke on bass. Most of the dates were just Bobby and us, but many times when we played the large arenas, the booking agency […]

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It’s Only Make Believe

I heard “It’s Only Make Believe” on the radio today and it took me back along time ago when I met Conway Twitty. It was before he got into country music. He was set to play Shorty’s Club on a Wednesday night here in Sioux Falls. His whole band came down with the flu and […]

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