Our People, Our Story Podcast Interviews Myron Lee

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In our first episode of Our People, Our Story, we visit with Myron Lee about the music scene in Sioux Falls and the fun history of this great city in the 1950’s and 60’s!

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  1. Karen Brietenmoser says:

    My husband (Johnny) and I listened to this the other day. Being from Minn. I knew where you were talking of…..however Johnny is from the Southeast. Both of us enjoyed it and will listen to the podcast again. What a wonderful life of memories!

  2. I truly enjoyed listening to Myron’s podcast!! I remember going to the Club Cabana to hear Myron and his band. It was always packed! Same thing at the old Arkota Ballroom. That just showed how good he really was. Back then, we as teenagers loved to jitterbug and slow dance. Then came the Twist. And you know, Myron, You and your band were pretty good looking guys too!!! Real easy on the eyes!! You always dressed so neat, not like the groups now days. I would’ve been so thrilled back then, to meet any of the musicians you played for or with. Even meeting Dick Clark, who I watched every Saturday. The British music will never be as big as Rock & Roll. By the way, I listen to 98.7 on the radio all the time! No one is allowed to change the station on my car either!!!

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